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The Seal of Yueh Lao

John Michael Greer

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A Legacy From The Eldritch Past...

Asenath Merrill, sixteen years old, spends her summers studying witchcraft in the village of Chorazin and her nights traveling the uncanny kingdoms of the Dreamlands. It's all perfectly ordinary if you happen to belong to one of the secretive cults that worship the Great Old Ones, your mother comes from Innsmouth and has tentacles for legs, and your grandmother is the Black Goat of the Woods herself.  When Asenath encounters a mysterious girl in the stone circle atop Elk Hill, however, her prosaic existence begins to stretch and blur into patterns she must struggle to master.

A century before, a family tragedy in the little Massachusetts town of Dunwich spun out of control and nearly plunged the world into chaos. Four centuries before that, armed men came to the Norse settlements on Greenland and slaughtered every person they could find, leaving a legacy that still troubles the family of Asenath's closes friend.  A secret from the ancient world connects those events with the girl named Cassie, and Asenath will need all her courage and her fledgling powers as a witch in training to unravel the mysteryand open the way to her own unguessed destiny...


Author(s): John Michael Greer
Publication Date: July 22, 2020
ISBN-13: 978-1-945810-47-3
Trade Paperback: 
201 pages
5.5 x 0.51 x 8.5 inches